2D Fiber Laser Cutting System

Features Includes :-

Leaser Power

500watt & 700watt


MS, SS, Brass, AI, Cu


0.5mm to 5mm

Cutting measures

0.1mm to 12 mm

We Have SLTL laser cutting machine

It is used to cut metal for components and structural shapes, such as for the body of a car or the casing of a mobile phone. Due to versatile cutting on any application, laser cutting can be effortlessly used on various appliances .At lower power settings, it’s possible to use a laser cutting machine for utensil manufacturing industry. It can partially cut pieces of sheet metal leaving a smooth, regular groove in the surface. With help of this machine we can give best quality products for customer.
+ Quality finishing for Metal Cutting

+ cut metal with precision & accuracy

+ Gives perfect shape for Utensils

+ Marvelous edge for any Customized Cutting.


Here is some of our experienced work

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